Exhibition/mixed media installations (2022)

The world finds itself in a bipolar state – on the one hand we have an accelerating technological development and a constant economic growth, and on the other a globe that is on its way to become uninhabitable due to global warming caused by the burning of fossil energy. Just as lithium can cure the symptoms of bipolar disorder, lithium is now believed to solve the challenges of fossil-free transport and the storage of energy in the form of lithium batteries. Lithium Time is a collective artistic research project initiated by David Larsson. Together with artists Hanna Ljungh and Gideonsson/Londre we explore a multitude of perspectives on lithium – how it was discovered on the small island Utö in the Stockholm archipelago, how it is used today in batteries and medicine and it speculative potential to slow down time… The Lithium Time project will develop through several chapters. The first chapter was an exhibition in the art gallery in Haninge Kulturhus in the spring of 2022. The second chapter is a Lithium festival on Utö in august 2022.