Born 1981 in Uppsala. Based in Jordbro and Stockholm.

In David Larsson’s artistic practice, objects and photographs play a central role as carriers of social and political histories as well as mediators of affects. Larsson works with long-term artistic investigations where the results are continuously presented through installations and exhibitions. Thematically, David Larsson’s work often revolves around issues of social development and modernity, political events, natural resources and collecting/archives. In many of the works there is also a social dimension which is manifested in workshops, conversations and an idea about the exhibition format as primarily a stage for dialogue.

David Larsson has exhibited in solo exhibitions at Galleri Box, Gothenburg (2019), Konsthall C, Stockholm (2017), Haninge Konsthall (2014), BLOKK, Bergen (2013) and Galleri Mejan, Stockholm (2012). Selected group exhibition venues include Uppsala Konstmuseum (2022), Kramfors Konsthall (2022), Norrköpings Konstmuseum (2018), Passagens Konsthall in Linköping (2015), The Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm (2015), Skånes Konstförening, Lund (2016) and Malmö Konstmuseum (2016).

Selected exhibitions:
2022 All that is solid melts into water, Uppsala konstmuseum
2022 Triennalen Västernorrland, Kramfors Konsthall
2022 Litiumtiden (Lithium Time), Haninge konsthall.
2018 Rejmyre Art Lab Performing Labour, Grupputställning Norrköping konstmuseum
2016 The Society Machine, Malmö Art Museum, curated by Lisa Rosendahl
2016 The 5th International Çanakkale Biennial, Çanakkale, Turkiet. (canceled)
2017 Public order and domestic security, Konsthall C, Stockholm (solo show)
2017 Embedded installation in Reijmyre Glass factory (Februari-September 2017).
2016 The 5th International Çanakkale Biennial, Tukey, (canceled)
2016 De lovade oss en skola, de lovade oss en simhall, Skånes Konstförening, Linero, Lund
2016 Perfoming Labour, Rejmyre Glasmuseum, Rejmyre.
2014 Our Shared Memory, Our Collective Forgetfulness, Haninge konsthall (solo show)
2014 Poutrincourt’s lecture-voice has gotten quieter and quieter as history’s approached its contemporary limit, curated by Theodor Ringborg,
2013 Our inability to accurately measure time, space and emotions, BLOKK, Bergen, Norge. (solo show)
2013 Supermarket c/o Hjärnstorm, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
2012 SEART, Swedens Emerging Art, No Picnic, Stockholm
2012 Punkter från vilka världen vecklar ut sig, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm (solo show)
2010 Galleri Lundh Åstrand c/o Högkvarteret, Stockholm (solo show)
2010 Tyst kunskap, Mellanrummet, Kungl. Konsthögskolan (solo show)
2009 Hjälp, Mamma har bara ett ben, Galleri Mejan
2009 Innanför, Black Box, Kungl. Konsthögskolan
2008 Jag försöker berätta men det blir aldrig mer än såhär, Teatergalleriet, Uppsala
2008 Allmogekuben, Galleri Lundh Åstrand c/o El Mundo, Stockholm

2014-2015 Photographic Artist´s book, Post graduate course, Kungl. Konsthögskolan.
2010-2012 MFA, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
2007-2010 BFA, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
2005-2007 Pernbys Målarskola, Stockholm
2003-2004 Philosophy, Stockholms Universitet.
2002-2003 Konstskolan i Stockholm.

Public projects, presentations, collaborations etc.
2020 Photos form the series: Avfallshanteringen i Jordbro (mars-juni 2020) presented in the web based magazine Verk Tidskrift.
2017 Schematisk bild av Ångermanälven in Länstidningen Jämtland c/o Konstfrämjandet Jämtland
2017 Schematisk bild av Ångermanälven i the art magazine OEI no 77-78
2015 Presenting with Rejmyre Art Lab at then conference Critical Practices: Education from Art and Artists, Valand Academy, Göteborg.
2015 Moderating a talk about sustainability in self-organized art organizations at a symposium held at Art Lab Gnesta and organised together with The Collective Brain network and The Swedish Exhibition Agency.
2014 Moderating the symposium Everything you want was already here about site-responsive art practice, organised by Rejmyre Art LAB.
2014 & 2016 Organized and led the workshopen Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement together with Daniel Peltz, Sissi Westerberg, Rejmyre Art LAB.
2013 The Taste of Nida Art Colony, Performative dinner together with fellow artist Marika Troili. Nida Art Colony´s Inter-format symposium – On critical tourism, site-specificity and the post-romantic condition.
2012 KHOJ, Contemporary Art Intensive program, New Delhi, Indien.

Grants and awards:
2019 Two year working grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
2018 Project grant from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
2016 International grant from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
2015 1 year working grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
2013 The Carl Larsson grant, The Royal Swedish Art Academy
2013 Assistant grant with the artist Maria Hedlund, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
2013 Mobility Support, Nordic Culture Point.
2012 City of Haninge cultural Grant.
2012 Artistic research funding from The Royal Institute of Art.
2009 First price, Pop Up Art Masterpiece.
2008 First price, Filmvideokonstfestivalen.

In Collections:
Gothenburg Public Art
Swedish Arts Council
City of Haninge